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3 years ago#1
So, I was a BioWare fan for a long time. I've pre-ordered almost every major release they have ever published, I've bought there expansions and DLC and even bought some games like KOTOR multiple times.

In October I pre-ordered SWTOR through a link on their website and received a bogus pre-order code. Both Bioware and the Seller denied any knowledge of a problem and requested I jump through a series of hoops to rectify it. I later found out they lied, where aware of the problem and continued to sell and hand out bogus codes, despite a complete knowledge of the issue. After three weeks of back and forth via e-mail I canceled my pre-order deciding it wasn't worth the effort and that their corporate behavior didn't deserve the reward of a good faith pre-order purchase. At that time I considered this the single worst customer service experience of my life as I had money I wanted to give them, they had a game I wanted to pre-order and ended up keeping my money and cancelling my pre-order because of their service, rudeness, indifference, lies and bs and not because of anything todo with the actual game.

That was 6 months ago. When the game was released I got a copy, created my accounts and have avoided BioWare customer service completely. That was until last night.

5 months ago I created my main character using the name BubbaFett. Because I thought the name was funny and cool. I'm a small guy, but I created a giant fat guy cause it went with the name. Since it's creation I've made a decent amount of friends on my server, leveled the character to 50 and I've had 5 months of fun making him into what he is today.

Then late last night I receive an unprovoked e-mail from BioWare telling me my character name BubbaFett is a Star Wars copyright infringement and that the next time I login I will be forced to change it's name immediately.

Well to some I may be acting like a baby, but I don't want to change his name. It's his name. You mine as well ask me to rename one of my children. The entire look of the character is based around the name and I know I am not violating any copyright. I enjoy that people know me with this name, yell out "Bubba" when they see me and overall it's been a blast. My guy has grown his own personality and I cannot begin to imagine him called anything else.

So I contacted them assuming a mistake had been made, however I received a very rude and arrogant e-mail reply telling me that no mistake was made. I'm an intentional violator and if I want to play their precious game I needed to change my character name immediately and no discussion on the issue would be offered whatsoever.

Ok. Maybe if I could change him from a giant fat guy to another body style and appearance, I might have accepted this. Because I was not even able to have that discussion I cannot.

I tried to discuss this on BioWares forums, but every attempt was deleted and added to my anger and frustration. I tried to discuss with them via phone, but they refuse and their e-mail replies are all rude, lack emotion, humanity, personality and politeness. I canceled my subscription and spoke to a supervisor who said I would get a partial refund for my unused time. However, he transferred me to someone to process the refund and that person then refused and refused to transfer me back to a supervisor or manager. He then refused to give me his name (first or last) any operating number or even BioWares corp address.

So BioWare now holds first and second place for the worst customer service I have ever experienced
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3 years ago#2
From my perspective this entire ordeal is completely stupid. Why can't we as fans use real Star Wars character names? I don't know, but I didn't do that either. My characters name was a parody. A joke and it was funny, fun and harmless.

I'm 37 years old and have been a Star Wars fan my entire life. Some kid told me today I should have known BubbaFett was a violation and that he would have reported me if he saw me... What???? Seriously???

I should have known we have lost all sense of right and wrong? I should have known we lost all sense of fun and humor? I should have known that a play on words, a parody was somehow a violation of BioWares terms of service and that I'm a bad person that deserves to be reported and punished? really???

Well from my perspective that is stupid. It's stupid to go out of your way as a company to find unprovoked reasons to stop your customers from having fun. It's stupid to try and create violations and charges of copyright infringement where they do not exist. It's stupid to promise a refund and then reneg on it. It's stupid to make rash decisions that effect your paying customers and then refuse to discuss them. It's also plain evil to delete public discussion on the matter because you don't want to have to explain your actions or deal with their backlash.

So yes, I'm telling everyone I can about this because I believe it is messed up and wrong. I now know something knew about naming an mmo character, but the lesson was taught in the stupidest, most frustrating and irritating way possible and now I hate a company I used to love and if I go to purchase something and I find the BioWare logo, chances are I'm putting it down and spending my cash elsewhere.

Why am I posting this? Because beyond trying to sue them for a refund or just being stupid the only course of action as a consumer, when the company refuses discussion, is public outcry...
I will fight for the freedom of others because others fought for mine!
3 years ago#3
No, their customer service is amazing and they usually reply and solve whatever problem you have in less than an hour.

Edit: Pro grammar correction.
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^ 111 people agree that it's ignorance at its finest.
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3 years ago#4
mountains out of molehills...
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3 years ago#5
So you infringed on some copyright, and got so angry that you posted two walls of on gameFAQs..

so being stupid and unorignal is considered poor customer service?..'s like Bioware turned into Wal-Mart.
3 years ago#6
This is stupid. It's a legitimate ban. You knew it could and probably would happen and now it has. Deal with it. I give the customer service guy all the credit in the world for not laughing in your face and hanging up. I'm the same age as you, also a huge Star Wars fan, and would never name a character that way. I've seen hundreds of accounts on my server have the same thing happen to them. HanGuitarSolo, DarthMaul Skywalker, and hundreds of different spellings of Boba Fett.
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3 years ago#7
Rename him "Bubba-fat," then turn in a ticket on yourself to see if it's appropriate. The only thing I can see is if Bioware / EA has an agreement with Lucas... is it still Lucasarts? Lucasfilms? Whatever, the fat guy who owns Star Wars. They might have an agreement where Bioware can only use and make a profit off content, characters, and other stuff they themselves create in the Star Wars universe, barring planets and certain aspects of things like Sith and Jedi. Anything that's clearly not Bioware-made might have to be approved by some legalese lawyer somewhere for Lucas, for fear of possibly ruining his franchise.

Also, there's a spot in the Terms of Service that says you can't use any pre-existing Star Wars characters, names, locations, etc. AKA, no Luke Skywalkers, no Leia Organas, no Han Solos. Parodies usually fall into some sort of coverage, but that varies from company to company, and also depends on how close to the original it is and how much is a parody. "Iron Guy," who looks like a reverse-color Iron Man and has all the same powers and history of Iron Man, wouldn't fall into the Parody category. However, "iRon Dude," a power-armored robot with a black-and-white color scheme, sporting an afro and shades, and with a different backstory would be covered as a parody - he's clearly supposed to be like Iron Man, but isn't a genius inventor in a suit, isn't the now-trademark red-and-gold color scheme, and isn't named "Iron Man" or some permutation of it.

When in doubt, report yourself and ask if it's cool. Usually, GMs are more lenient when you do it yourself, and let you slide by with another warning if it's not cool.
3 years ago#8
I'm honestly shocked at the reaction.. How would I know it was not ok? I've never seen anybody moderated in this way..

On top of that.. None of you think it's a stupid policy??? really???
I will fight for the freedom of others because others fought for mine!
3 years ago#9
Bioware has a whole mess of problems. I've stopped identifying them because it was becoming a full time job.

But yes, the general consensus is that their customer support is terrible, and I will agree with that 100%.
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3 years ago#10
azmodios posted...
Well to some I may be acting like a baby

Okay, I'll agree with that statement.
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