Does SWTOR have the worst character creator of all MMOs?

#1krypt_1Posted 11/19/2012 4:42:37 PM
Which character models are the ugliest - Results (155 votes)
14.19% (22 votes)
4.52% (7 votes)
4.52% (7 votes)
60% (93 votes)
Secret World
5.16% (8 votes)
10.32% (16 votes)
1.29% (2 votes)
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I went back to this game this weekend and couldnt get past the character creator. No matter what I did my character was fugly. The graphics in this game are cool but the character bodies and faces are horrible.

I vote SWTOR as the worst character models and creator followed by the Secret World (Which is all around bad character creator and models).

Best is between GW2 and Tera as you can at least create non-human cool species and they look very nice in game.

Wow is decent especially for its age.

Rift is bad character creator but good character and armor models.
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#2pyber80Posted 11/19/2012 4:45:13 PM
I'm not really sure what to vote for, since after having been spoiled by CoX for so many years, I consider all character creation/customization systems I've tried before or since to be far inferior, heh. But if I must choose one of those, I'd probably give it a tie between TOR and LotRO, since both are virtually identical creation systems.
#3krypt_1(Topic Creator)Posted 11/19/2012 4:48:19 PM
I gave the edge to SWTOR over Lotro as you can be a hobbit in Lotro and the characters look a little better in game.
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#4beatlessbobbyPosted 11/19/2012 5:18:05 PM
I loved the way Rift handled Character Creation

I have to say WoW, even though I play it. The models aren't aging very well.
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#5Mobile_PlatformPosted 11/19/2012 6:01:29 PM
TOR's character creation is a cut above most. WoW's is as run-down and generic as you can get.
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#6IqarP15Posted 11/19/2012 6:22:08 PM
Since i've never played Secret World I left that choice out and and chose Rift cause damn every chick is like flat chested as far as I can remember. Even though I played it the first month it came out, hit 50 then quit.
#7PulpPosted 11/19/2012 6:46:19 PM
Hmmm, alot of people picking WoW, but I think TSW is the worst. Maybe more people have simply not played it.
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#8X LauncherPosted 11/19/2012 7:58:11 PM
I'm surprised that WoW is leading the poll. I guess I can sort of see why, but I think people are overlooking the fact that each race in WoW has its own animations, voices and just all around style. While you're severely limited in customizing the appearance of a character, your choice of race has a much greater impact upon your avatar than in TOR. In TOR, you're basically just choosing what color of human you'd like to play.
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#9Dante200XPosted 11/19/2012 8:23:49 PM
From: Pulp | #007
Hmmm, alot of people picking WoW, but I think TSW is the worst. Maybe more people have simply not played it.

Exactly what I was gonna say. Secret World has a horrific character creator, but like you said, it's probably because most haven't even played it.
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#10AconformistPosted 11/19/2012 8:32:02 PM
WoW is also the oldest game on that list. They did update the character creator with the last expansion but there is only so much you can do with a 2004 engine.