Tauntaun nest hunting pattern for convenience and efficiency.

#1The RobPosted 8/12/2013 7:27:15 AM
1) Look up the Icefall Plains and Clabburn Tundra locations on dulfy.net. This will be a convenient five-nest pattern.
2) Buy 30 lures to get you started (this collection run goes in 30 lure increments, so 60, 90, etc).
3) Beginning on the Icefall Plains, move to the north-east nest and lure the three taun fawns.
4) Proceed to the center nest, then up to the Clabburn Tundra north-west, center, then south-east nests. You have just used 15 lures and hopefully received between 2-4 domestication datapads.
5) Switch instances.
6) Hit this nest again, then proceed around in the opposite pattern finishing at the north-east nest on the Icefall Plains. You should now have used about 30 lures and are either a quarter or halfway to your tauntaun mount.

This whole run should take you 20-30 mins and since the taun fawns can only be lured every 30 mins or so, try switching instances again (since you're already at your starting location on the other instance) and start over. If they are ready right away then start the pattern over again, otherwise just wander around for a bit or do something else for a short time until they're ready. Personally, I did a 30-lure run, did my czerka dailies, then returned to hoth for another run, hopped to another toon czerka dailies, hopped back for another run, etc. It doesn't take much effort and it's hardly a lot of work once you figure out a good pattern.
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#2Muljo StphoPosted 8/12/2013 4:07:16 PM
I only put any time into it for a bit on day 1 and I was just wandering around trying to see what I could find on my own. (After almost an hour I finally came across 1 nest and got 1 data out of it.)

But when I did look up that guide I noticed the 3 nests in the bonus series area and I was already thinking that a sweep back and forth across those in a few different instances would be a good strategy whenever I get around to trying it again. Not a bad idea to swing around to those other 2 on each sweep as well though.

Hey, there was something about this that I wanted to check on but I haven't really felt like testing it yet. Do the wampas that come out scale to your level or are they always level 55? The character I first tried to hunt with was 55 and I don't think I saw anybody lower than 55 out there.
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#3RuneweaverPosted 8/12/2013 10:53:51 PM(edited)
Personally i just wait till a busy time of the day and only farm the nests in the Clabburn Tundra,as there is normally 4-5 instances just clearing the 3 nests in that area and changing instance is far quicker than going to all six.

And to answer the previous posters question,the wampas scale to your level,but that dosnt mean someone else wampa wont attack you.
#4The Rob(Topic Creator)Posted 8/13/2013 6:54:53 AM
There's usually only 2 instances when I'm online, but that's a good suggestion, Runeweaver.

And Muljo, as Rune said, the Wampas scale, but you'll need to be careful not only of other people's wampas, but also the regular enemies scattered throughout the environment, especially in the heroic area. I suggest getting a guildie or friend to guide you around if you're lower than the environment level (I think the Clabburn heroic areas are 46 or something like that?).
whatnow12012 posted...
I am not the same person as Whatnow or whatever his or hers name.