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Release date will be given on 7/21 (Archived)
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Redeem Code (Archived)
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who honestly gives a crap about voice acting? (Archived)
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collectors edition not available in the uk yet =/ (Archived)Rexvan-37/21/2011
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Release Soon you think? (Archived)
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So we still don't know how much the Monthly Payment will be? (Archived)
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I wish I had videos of Imperial Agent gameplay (Archived)Ray Gun87/20/2011
Will there be a morality system in this one as is? (Archived)
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Will the old Star Wars knights of the old republic get me ready for this game? (Archived)
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Will you be able to aim long-range weapons, or is it like WoW where you just ... (Archived)
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Real picture of pre-order cases... (Archived)
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