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"Darth" this, "Darth" that.... (Archived)
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Has anybody seen this stuff about Revan *SPOILERS* (Archived)Schtiel47/25/2011
C/D the SW universe next caretaker will do better than Lucas has. (Archived)
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Early Game Access (Archived)212027/25/2011
Can i cancel my pre order? (Archived)TDragon77797/25/2011
Will this game have healers? (Archived)
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They should add droids as a playable race (Archived)
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questions from a first time mmo player(possibly) (Archived)sanas_thiritu67/25/2011
Will my graphics card be able to handle this game? (Archived)Foxhound385787/25/2011
Closest class to a Combat Medic? (Archived)Kadgarth67/25/2011
What NPC's do you think will be the "mascots" for each class? (Archived)CashPrizes67/25/2011
Weapon Variety (Archived)Chain_of_Fate67/25/2011
Imperial Agent Gameplay... (Archived)CLOUD9THELEGEND17/24/2011
its 1hr 45m wait at comic con to play TOR (Archived)
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Can't decide between jedi knight or jedi councilor (Archived)Teremei77/24/2011
Rolling with a MBP 2011 (Archived)
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so they wont you to preorder but still no release date? (Archived)Santesyu87/24/2011
Can I run this? (Archived)Jarron0287/24/2011
Revan cover-art (Archived)
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Can you pre-order the CE for $149 and do you have to pay for it in full (Archived)
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