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Question about the game (Archived)XelFoxNZ21/23 3:15AM
Can't quite decide on AC for trooper (Poll)malicemizerfan81/22 1:31PM
Sith Juggernaut underleveled (Archived)quicksilver79161/22 1:24PM
Security Key only available to Subscribers (Archived)Phayntom21/20 5:13PM
Luxury Fabric? (Archived)BringMeASunkist31/19 8:55PM
Gunslinger question (Archived)Legendary_Musas21/17 10:23AM
Guardian vs Sentinel (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Quazocot171/17 10:12AM
Tweak your SWTOR graphics! V.4 (updated for 1.2) (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ]
WriterJason411/15 5:12PM
The Galactic War 2 starts in this game? (spoilers) (Archived)L0rdCrump31/15 11:45AM
192 comp gear is Sub-Only (Archived)SazukeEX11/14 3:29PM
"Jedi Knight's" Armor set (Archived)Mighty-Lu-Bu11/14 1:59PM
How do you trigger the SOR prelude cutscene? (Archived)Legendary_Musas31/13 7:07PM
How does Bioware justify cartel packs to subscribers? (Archived)Legendary_Musas81/13 5:39PM
Started playing again a few days ago, wtf has happened 0_0 (Archived)Legendary_Musas21/13 2:10PM
Are the classes still worth playing for the story past Act 3? (Archived)ImNotOperative71/12 5:46PM
Current state of game - Worth coming back? (Archived)Mighty-Lu-Bu21/12 2:30PM
jedi covenant server: power ranger guild? (Archived)Riddick200311/12 2:15PM
I played within the first few months, thinking of coming back.. (Archived)Rod198441/11 4:15PM
Trooper armour, where can it be obtained? (Archived)Legendary_Musas41/10 3:30PM
any website recommending builds with the new system? (Archived)Fizzleup31/10 10:00AM
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