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What unlocks can Preferred players buy with credits? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Mickleohb113/15 6:18PM
which is the best sub-classes for these? (Archived)kelvingabaldonc53/13 5:55PM
So I cancelled but.... (Archived)vivi2123/13 5:47AM
Class builds (Archived)TheRockSez61143/12 11:36AM
Just bought a Razer Tartarus Gamepad Any suggestions on how to configure/keybind (Archived)CHS_RICH43/11 1:07PM
Questions regarding Elites and March 2015 deals (Archived)codyw217103/8 1:20PM
Noob question (Archived)Madcapper643/7 11:32AM
Just cancelled sub, can't login to Origin anymore (Archived)Legendary_Musas23/6 1:43PM
Just hit 50, where do I want to go? (Archived)Klaydoggy73/5 7:32AM
Does anyone else find it odd that....*Spoilers* (Archived)Izanagi5143/4 4:08PM
Scoundrel Ruffian (Archived)BoxerBrute33/3 7:33PM
are there any areas on pve servers where you can attack other players? (Archived)based_god_93/1 5:29PM
Any cheats for this game?(not for PvP) (Archived)soonernfl2553/1 12:05AM
Missing Granny... (Archived)TheRockSez61132/26 5:00PM
getting the legacy quick time cooldown has increased my enjoyment of this game (Archived)thefinalzapkeet52/26 2:51PM
So I killed Syreena (Archived)vivi2142/25 2:03PM
What are the lowest specs that can run SWTOR? (Archived)copenhagenLongC42/25 8:47AM
Legacy Question (Archived)Yurioki22/23 9:53PM
Login on Website (Archived)B4J33BUS42/23 9:28PM
Shadow Tank - Endurance or Willpower? (Archived)BoxerBrute42/23 2:44PM
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