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Technical problems with TOR-Loot? (Archived)codyw21744/10 10:06AM
Stuck In Quick Play Mode (Archived)Strangeotron64/7 12:25PM
Flashpoint Courier Locations? (Archived)codyw21714/7 9:56AM
Tatooine Fighting Grounds - Cross-Faction Dueling Arena on the Ebon Hawk (Archived)kamehakid9229104/7 7:32AM
trying not to get in too deep (Archived)tasogare41344/6 6:25AM
icyviens? (Archived)last man64/6 2:49AM
I wish I knew when they were bringing togruta in. (Archived)WarGreymon7784/5 4:22AM
Why the hell did they make Full Auto level 15, and commando-only? (Archived)WarGreymon7764/2 8:12PM
Removing Members from Guild? (Archived)codyw21743/30 4:42PM
Outfit designer is actually pretty good (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
SlightlySychotic143/30 1:09PM
Is this worth coming back for, info inside. (Archived)ColdOne66683/28 6:39AM
LF Leveling Buddy (4 pm to 4 am PDT ) (Archived)yukieiri13/22 9:41PM
can f2p and preferred status join WB groups? (Archived)RedDragonMaster73/21 6:14PM
Looking for........ (Archived)vekares73/19 11:19AM
getting & keeping the best gear (Archived)kelvingabaldonc23/16 8:04AM
What unlocks can Preferred players buy with credits? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Mickleohb113/15 6:18PM
which is the best sub-classes for these? (Archived)kelvingabaldonc53/13 5:55PM
So I cancelled but.... (Archived)vivi2123/13 5:47AM
Class builds (Archived)TheRockSez61143/12 11:36AM
Just bought a Razer Tartarus Gamepad Any suggestions on how to configure/keybind (Archived)CHS_RICH43/11 1:07PM
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