Any way to undo the update because i heard that you can!?

#1phantasy23Posted 11/2/2008 6:54:22 PM
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#2Ch0psxPosted 11/2/2008 7:11:32 PM
#3theycallhimjimPosted 11/3/2008 11:17:13 AM
^ Does that work, and it won't kill all your other games' saves or anything like that? I want to cheat on Fortune's Tower because I'm too lazy to crawl my way out of debt legitimately...
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#4Accel-DancePosted 11/4/2008 11:37:03 AM
Doesn't touch your saves. Just removes any update you've ever received. The best thing to do is to clear the cache, then never go online with Fable II pub games again (I don't advise doing it more than once because some lengthy updates for other games are a real pain to download constantly)
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