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6 years ago#1
1.) Do I need to play the first Ultimate Alliance game before I play this? I hope I don't because I really want to play as Venom and Carnage (especially Carnage).

2.) The only comic franchises that I ever read were the Spider-Man ones, but very, very few of them. Is there anyone in particular that I'll need to do some research on? If so, is there anything in particular about that character (or those characters) that I'll need to look up (e.g., backstory, powers, etc.)?
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6 years ago#2
Never mind. I did some research on the game and I decided that I don't want to play it anymore for three reasons. The first reason is that Carnage isn't available for Wii, and seeing as how I am a huge Nintendo fan, I will not see myself ever having a PS3 or 360 in the future. The second is reason is that the Venom in this game isn't the Eddie Brock Venom. The third reason is that I hear that the Wii version for this game isn't very good. It's a bummer that I can't play as Carnage. I guess I'll never get that chance.
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