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User Info: X_machina

7 years ago#1

I was a bit curious which heroes actually kill, and this seems like a good place to ask. I'm sure if you read all of Spidey's comics since he was created, you could probably find a instance where he killed someone. Or at least found a loop hole (ala Batman Begins: "Not saving a villian") Anyways that is not what I mean, I'm asking about heroes that kill on a regular basis like Punisher or Wolverine.

User Info: jonluke93

7 years ago#2

elektra kills people

User Info: Cyberlink420

7 years ago#3
Deadpool's whole career revolves around killing people.

User Info: abyss

7 years ago#4
Wolverine and Punisher kill people regularly, as do most other 'anti heroes'.

The majority of Marvel heroes are quite willing to kill if the circumstances warrent it, certainly a lot more then the DC heroes. (Whether it sticks or not is a different matter, of course.)

For Marvel, it's generally easier to ask who *doesn't* kill, rather then who does.

User Info: X_machina

7 years ago#5
I might be wrong, but I've always thought that the heavy hitters like Spiderman, Cap'n America, Iron Man generally do not kill people. (with the exception of Wolverine)

I thought the killers tended to be much more minor characters like moon knight

User Info: The Top Crusader

The Top Crusader
7 years ago#6
Cap killed a lot in the 1940's... >_>

User Info: LuigiisTeepee

7 years ago#7
Sentry rips ladies heads off.
Yea I believe I spelled it right...Do your research before you try and correct a guy who was spelling words on a college level when I was 2...

User Info: Mr__Peanut

7 years ago#8
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: Xclaim

7 years ago#9
Cap is a superhero, but he was a soldier first. He doesn't like to kill, but he will if necessary.
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User Info: HeToldMEToDoIt

7 years ago#10
spiderman killed a couple of people
The poster after me is clearly a 7th grader.
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