really disapointed :(

#1NESHeroPosted 6/1/2011 12:41:18 AM
I was really enjoying this game, then i found out the controls only respond when you want them too, there were times i had to run back but instead he just turned around in circles.

My 1st major boss fight, i died right at the end because the motion controls simply didnt work.
When something tells me to push foward or upwards.. i'm not stupid I know how to do that. so that wasn't my fault.

it's a real shame, i was enjoying the game but obvisously the game gets harder, and if the controls wont work then it's no use continuing, if it will only end up killing me multipletimes later down the road, it's sad a company would release an unfinished product, you would think during play testing they would fix that.


I don't understand people saying how good this game is when obvisously it's far from it, everyone has a right to an opinion but don't be so blind, you can enjoy the game yes, but it has bad and unresponsive controls and that's a fact.
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#2LangelaanPosted 6/2/2011 10:53:42 AM
It has been a while, but iirc, it's not that the controls are unresponsive, but they are explaining wrong. For example, when it wants a forwards movement, it's better to keep the wiimote vertical rather than horizontal.

Took me half the game to figure stuff like this out, but once you know the 'correct' movement the game actually asks for, it becomes playable =)