Xbox 360 controller support?

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7 years ago#1
Yes, I know you're meant to play with mouse and keyboard but does this have support for any gamepads especially the 360 one? I'm too lazy to reach for keys and for single player always use a controller. I seem to recall the previous versions didn't have this.
7 years ago#2
Based on actual Chinese history...... in this battle you fight a giant robot crab.
7 years ago#3
why didnt you buy the xbox version then?
Ppl who use Reflex sights in CoD4 WaW and MW2 dont deserve the game. get glasses if you cant use iron sights for god sake. shotgun with RS = fail
7 years ago#4
Why laugh at him? Maybe he likes playing with a handicap.
How's the weather up there ON YOUR THRONE OF LIES!
7 years ago#5
Why buy the PC version if you're not going to use the "exclusive features"?
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7 years ago#6
it is unrealistic to use a controller on a pc game, because everyone else is using expensive gaming mice, with are far more accurate and far quicker at targetting your oppent, all in all you can aim as fast with ur joysticks,
learn to use a mouse and keyboard
ASWD is the way to go,
go buy yourself a Razor gaming mouse and stop being such a noob
7 years ago#7
Oh he mentioned he has a 360...
7 years ago#8
lol.. this board is full of fail...
7 years ago#9
For gods sake will someone answer this question this
is about the 3rd topic iv read about this but everyone
is blah blah use a keyboard and mouse simple answer
yes or no
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7 years ago#10
Look up Xpadder, it should help out even if it isn't compatible.
Can we have fun now ?
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