Why the heck does Steam keep disconnecting my router?

#1ChronoMOTPosted 11/17/2009 6:27:06 AM
My internet is 100% fine until I boot my desktop and Steam loads. Then my entire internet connection through my router gets disconnected. It only happens when I load Steam up. This is frustrating me, because just when IWNet finally decides to connect me to a game after five minutes of waiting, I time out.

Did I miss the bus on Steam or something?

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#2ZyfePosted 11/17/2009 4:46:17 PM
I am having a very similar issue to you.

I can log into Steam, then I open Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer, choose to find a game.

It finds a game just fine, the game starts. I can play for about 30 seconds, and then bang, I get UNPLAYABLE lag, my green bars go to NO bars, and when I even try to view a webpage on a different computer, I cannot. It is as if my connection to the internet is being supremely overloaded, or just plain stopped. It happens everytime. I cannot play this game online or this happens.

Does ANYONE else have this issue? Better yet, does anyone know a fix?

Also, if I could ask, where abouts do you live?
#3Xbmod_basicPosted 11/20/2009 9:47:46 AM

I have the exact same problem, i run a 7 pc lan behind a switch connected to a router and another pc and a printer.

So basically "Internet -> Router -> 1 PC / Printer / Switch -> 7 PC's"

No probs in other games etc, as soon as I launch Mod Warfare 2 and join a game after the odd 20/30 seconds my router disconnects or whatever it does cause I don't have any internet on my whole LAN untill I reset my router... ofc this makes the game unplayable online ...

#4evilsanta23Posted 11/22/2009 4:00:48 PM

Exact same problem i have. when i play any other steam game it runs fine but when i try to play modern warfare 2 it crashes. Infinity Ward really screwd us pc users over

#5DarthBadgerPosted 11/22/2009 4:43:02 PM
Just to be clear, your entire internet connect goes down correct? Because mine has been doing that lately and I hadn't thought Steam may be the cause of it.
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#6sugar_shockPosted 11/22/2009 4:46:14 PM
Same problem :(
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#7ChronoMOT(Topic Creator)Posted 11/22/2009 11:51:24 PM
Yes. Problem fixed now. Apparently certain routers do not allow you to change the amount of requests a client can make... Steam apparently makes upwards of 40-50 UDP requests when it listens... so it times your router out by over-saturating the connection.

Since my cable company replaced my router today, it's worked flawlessly. If you're having lag issues, I highly recommend checking out your router (I have a netgear now, did have a linksys).

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#8lol_okPosted 11/23/2009 12:12:13 AM
You guys need to try opening your ports that are associated with Steam

Also open the ports associated with Modern Warfare 2 if you can find them...

You can open ports by looking on your router and going to that web address. Login and find out how to open the ports.
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#9ulatec66Posted 11/23/2009 4:52:17 AM

evilsanta23 posted...

Exact same problem i have. when i play any other steam game it runs fine but when i try to play modern warfare 2 it crashes. Infinity Ward really screwd us pc users over

It's a router issue , it has nothing to do with IW , happens to me when I want to list servers even in COD4 and WaW , the router gets saturated , just disconnect from the router annd play off the ADSL modem directly - problem solved

Or get another router

#10ChronoMOT(Topic Creator)Posted 11/23/2009 5:53:10 AM
blah blah blah open up your ports

You must be an absolute moron to think that nobody in this topic has done this yet.

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