MW2 Downloadable Content already in the game!

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6 years ago#1
Unlocking Hidden MW2 Game-Types

That’s right, there’s a bunch of things that were either hidden or removed among them 3 game types and a bunch of maps, killstreak rewards and other stuff. This was a post on the official IW forums (post has already been deleted) on how to access these 3 hidden gametypes:

Step 1: Download and activate the console hack. More information about that can be found here:

Step 2: Start a private match, preferably using the console.

Step 3: Once in the game, enter one of the following commands (without the quotes):
“/set g_gametype gtnw”
“/set g_gametype oneflag”
“/set g_gametype vip”

Step 4: Try to play.

Addition (Thanks to Iragequit, See comments of this article):

If it isn’t working, try this: after entering the command to change the gametype, enter the command /map_restart

The first gametype – “gtnw” – is Global Thermonuclear War. To play, simply capture the objective: a nuclear bomb. When captured, the bomb detonates…
The second gametype – “oneflag” – is One Flag CTF. To play, capture the flag in the middle and bring it back to your base.
The third gametype – “vip” – is VIP. To play, defend the VIP. Or, if you’re on the other team, kill the VIP.

These gametypes were only tested on Afghan and Favela. They may not work for all maps.”

So it seems we have finally identified the DLC that Activision/IW wanted to pimp to us. It has been right in the game all along.

Oh IW, first the console, then lean and all the other stuff, sometimes I think you do this on purpose, like you know Kotick is a retard and the only way you can pull one over on him is doing stuff like this.

Either that or you think PC users are dumber than the average eggplant.

Thanks for Iragequit for reporting this and Thanks to E0N8 from the IW forums for the whole thing !!

Original thread link:
6 years ago#2
I lol'd.
Are you mad? Hitmontop can't be allowed to do a barrel roll! THE UNIVERSE ISN'T BUILT TO HANDLE THAT MUCH SPIN -KalirSavant
6 years ago#3
tagging this thread for greatness.
6 years ago#4
Someone should unleash 4chan on IW.
United States Army. OIF 06-07
6 years ago#5
God it must be painful to watch as their game gets dismantled right before their eyes. Serves them right.
Because humans love their paradigms, and are pathetically reluctant to open their eyes to the newer reality they live in.
6 years ago#6
The pen is mightier than the sword, but the dollar is mightier than the pen.
6 years ago#7
If I wasn't afraid of getting banned I'd try it out. This is garbage though, I can't believe IW is trying to do this to the pc version as well as the other 2 versions.
6 years ago#8
Nice post, TC.

I love it. Seems like every day, something new comes up with regards to MW2's PC version that just totally keeps shafting IW/Activision.

First, no console, dedicated servers, or lean. 6 Days later, PC gamers get all of those things anyways. created to "balance" the game and put-off hackers. Well, today, you can find pirates playing alongside legit buyers on matchmaking. This is all too hilarious.

The only thing that really can't be remedied from within the PC gaming community is the price...unless it's pirated. And at this point, I can't see anyone feeling sorry Activision/IW if this game was pirated a billion times to he** and back. Heck, I see legit steam keys on ebay/other sites selling for less than $45 bucks.

Like i've said before, they should have just given us what we wanted (ahem, what is the norm in a PC multiplayer shooter) instead of gimping the PC version and expecting us to pay more and just suck it up.

Instead, they turned their backs on the segment of the market that made the CoD series what it is, and the whole of the PC community absolutely loathes them for this.

I know EA/DICE is watching, and absolutely laughing their butts off at how they're going to appease the PC community once Bad Company 2/Battlefield 3 are out.
6 years ago#9

Cricket 2 posted...
If I wasn't afraid of getting banned I'd try it out. This is garbage though, I can't believe IW is trying to do this to the pc version as well as the other 2 versions.

Remember E-Mail accounts are free, and don't use your primary Steam account. hehehe

6 years ago#10
honestly are you people really surprised that possible future DLC is already on the disk? its pretty common, half the games that come out and offer DLC has people complaining about how it was already on the disk,just locked
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