Correct way to pronounce FAMAS?

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User Info: Camo Snake

Camo Snake
7 years ago#1
I say "Fah(like 'fat' without the t)-miss". But since it's a french gun I'm guessing I'm wrong.
Not changing this until tomorrow.
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User Info: Sasuke_Uchiha85

7 years ago#2
I call it fah (not like fat, f-AH, as in screaming ah) ahz. Fahmahz.
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User Info: normo1

7 years ago#3
I call it Fam (like fan but fam) then -us.
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User Info: bearyojo

7 years ago#4
i call it F-A-M-A-S

well, i guess french doods dont show up here quite often
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User Info: climhazzard99

7 years ago#5
i read it like how i was taught to read words. syllable by syllable
i didnt even know that is a french gun :O
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User Info: DarthWendy

7 years ago#6
You say "FAH-MAHS", and it means Fusil d'Assaut de la Manufacture d'Armes de Saint-Etienne.
*is French* :p

User Info: CheapGamer

7 years ago#7
This was a huge debate on the MGS1 forums a long time ago, lol.

The correct pronunciation is FAH-MAHS.

FAH as in "FAH-Q", if that helps, since I know everyone is familiar with the term.

User Info: mlataupe

7 years ago#8
French as well and I concur with above poster.
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User Info: DarthWendy

7 years ago#9
Salut toi :)

User Info: Bail_Tavira

7 years ago#10
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