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6 years ago#1
Well I'm sure some people are getting sick of all the questions and I've kinda wanted to get a sticky on this board so I'm going to go ahead and take the initiative. Please don't post till I'm finished.

What is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2?
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is the sequel to Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare.

What changed from Modern Warfare?

I really don't have to explain this for you since it'll be pretty apparent.

There are approximately 43 weapons including secondary weapons. They're still split into 5 groups; Assault, SMG, LMG, Sniper, and Riot Shield (Will explain later in the FAQ). There are some weapons from COD4; they are the M4A1 (M4 Carbine basically), M16A4, AK-47, P90, Mini-Uzi, RPD, Barrett .50Cal, M1014, USP. 45, M9, Desert Eagle, and the RPG.

New Weapon Feature
The new feature is that you no longer need to stick to the pistol for your secondary weapon. You now get to choose from Pistols, Machine Pistols, Launchers (RPG, Thumper etc...) and Shotguns. Most all but the Launchers can be equipped with attachments like the Red Dot Sight or a new attachment called Akimbo. I'll explain all new attachments later on in the FAQ.

While there aren't as many perks, you get to choose from your general 3 perks (Blue, Red, Yellow) and now you get a 4th perk. No not Vehicle perks, but Death Perks.

The Death Perk is merely there to help you. There are a total of 4 Death Perks and they are, Painkiller (basically Juggernaut from COD4), CopyCat (You can steal you're killers class during the Killcam by pressing Triangle), Martyrdom (Drop a live grenade), and Final Stand. Final Stand is a LOT like Last Stand, except if you survive for a set period of time you get back up and live. How cool is that eh?

Another addition to Perks are Pro Perks. These are obtained by beating the Perk's challenges and each Pro Perk does what it previously did and it's pro ability. If you want a list of Pro Perks look in the Cheats Seciton of this forum. Here's the link if for some odd reason you can't find it.

Now I'll explain the regular perks.

1st Slot Perks
Marathon: Unlimited Sprint
Sleight of Hand: Quicker Reloading
Bling: Have 2 Primary Weapon Attachments
One Man Army: Replaces your secondary Weapon. You're able to switch classes at any time during a match but only once unless that other class has One Man Army as well.
Scavanger: Full resupply from dead enemies.

2nd Slot Perks.
Stopping Power: Increased bullet damage.
Hardline: Killstreaks require one less kill.
Cold Blooded: Undetectable by UAV, air support, Sentry Guns, and thermal scopes.
Danger Close: Increased weapon explosive damage.
Lightweight: Move Faster.

3rd Slot Perks.
Last Stand: Allows you to survive a normal death. You will drop to the ground and pull out your pistol. After a set amount of time you die.
Commando: Increased Melee distance.
SitRep: This will reveal enemy explosives and Tactical Insertions.
Ninja: Invisible to Heartbeat Sensors.
Steady Aim: Increased Hip-fire Accuracy.
Scrambler: Scrambles (jams) the enemy radar in a small radius.

To be Continued....
6 years ago#2
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6 years ago#3
Continued from "What changed from Modern Warfare?"

Remember how in COD4 you only had 3 set rewards for kills? Well now you have a much larger collection to choose from. To see what these are go to the cheats tab. Can't find it? ._.

There are a lot of new attachments. We have the classic Grenade Launcher (aka. Noobtube), Red Dot Sight, Grip, Silencer and ACOG. In Modern Warfare 2 only two things have been modified. One is the ACOG scope. You no longer have the Triangle as your sight. Instead, now you have a black square with red crosshairs. Personally I like it, but didn't at first. Second is the Silencer. You can now silence your Sniper Rifle. Although I personally think that it makes the gun feel kinda week compared to that boom without it.

Other than those 5 we get 10 other attachments. Here they are...

Akimbo: Dual Wield any Machine Pistol, Pistol, or SMG. Also 2 Shotguns can use Akimbo. The Ranger and the Model 1887.
FMJ: Basically Deep Impact from COD4, it does more damage through walls and such.

Shotgun: Yeah you heard it. You can actually attach a Shotgun to your assault rifle. Cool huh?
Holographic Sight: Virtually the same thing as Red Dot Sight.

Heartbeat Sensor: The camper friendly Heartbeat sensor allows you to see red dot's on your little screen that is attached to the weapon. Ninja Counters this.
Thermal Scope: A Black and White Scope. Targets embodied without Cold-Blooded will appear on your scope as a white target. Very useful for trying to snipe someone hiding in a barely visible area or in an area that's dark.

Extended Mags: More ammo for your magazine. Not Extra. More meaning instead of 60 bullets it's about say 80. That's an estimated number, I'm nut sure how much it increases by exactly.
Grip: Reduces weapon recoil.

MARS Sight: Virtually the same thing as the Red Dot Sight and the Holographic Sight.
Rapid Fire: Increases your rate of fire.

Equipment & Special Grenades
Ah remember how we used to be restricted to Claymores and C4? Well now we get plenty of equipment to use. One bad thing about equipment is that with things like Frags and Claymores you only get 1. Use Scavenger to restock yourself. Here's a list on new equipment...

Tactical Insertion: Spawn where you placed your Insertion. Cannot be thrown. It's set where you stand.
Blast Mask: Take less damage from Explosives. Blocks mini-map.

Frag Grenade: Your typical Frag, simply throw and after about 5 seconds it goes off. WARNING! Doesn't travel as far as it did in COD4 and it rolls a lot more.
Semtex Grenade: Timed sticky grenade.

Throwing Knife: The Throwing Knife is a 1 Hit Kill, and it can be picked up from wherever it landed.
C4: Remote detonated explosive.

Claymore: Trip Mine.

I decided to explain the Specials since it wont take long at all. Just to let you know, Special Grenades and your Equipment are in two separate Categories. It's not "You get one, or the other". You can have both.

Stun x2: Stun and deafens an opponent for a small amount of time. Activated when it hits the floor/ground.
Flash x2: Blinds and deafens your opponent temporarily. Activated after a set amount of time.
Smoke: Covers an area with smoke. Activated when it hits the ground/floor.

To be Continued....
6 years ago#4
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6 years ago#5
Continued from "What changed from Modern Warfare?"

The Riot Shield
Let's start a Riot! A Riot! Okay okay enough of that. The Riot shield has replaced Shotguns in your categories for Primary Weapons. The Riot Shield is nothing but a big bulky shield that is rarely penetrated. However there are a LOT of cons but also a lot of pros for this defensive weapon.

Cons -
-Slow moving especially when crouched.
-Switching to your Secondary Weapons takes time.
-If you're surrounded you're pretty much already dead.
-The Shield only covers your front. A lot of times you'll see that you died because you got shot in the butt.
-Bullets can ricochet and kill allies in HC.
-You're screwed unless you crouch. If you don't you're likely to get shot in the feet.
-Semtex will kill you if it lands on the shield.

-One hit kill in Hardcore modes.
-You obtain experience for distracting the enemy or getting shot at or both.
-Makes Throwing Knife kills easier.
-Combined with the Blast Shield you can pretty much survive any explosion.
-When in possession but not equipped it somewhat protects your back.
-When shot at the bullets can ricochet and kill.
-Hilarious to use.
-Pisses people off.

The Riot Shield definitely takes some practice to get good with. If you want a good Riot Class I'll give you a couple.

For Core (Non-Hardcore games) I suggest you use....
Riot Shield
Ranger with Akimbo
Throwing knife
Stun x2
Cold Blooded
Final Stand

For Hardcore...
Riot Shield
Ranger with Akimbo
Blast Shield
Stun x2
Commando or Ninja
Final Stand

I recommend Ninja for Hardcore mainly because a LOT of people use the Heartbeat sensor and pay way to much attention to it. They may walk right past you and you'll get the easy kill.

To be continued....
6 years ago#6
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6 years ago#7
Continued from "What changed from Modern Warfare?"

These are a really neat addition to the game. Callsigns are basically just a Tag and an emblem that represent you while you play. There are LOADS to choose from and would take till a 10th Prestige to get them all (Without boosting). They can be obtained through challenges, Prestige or just reaching certain levels.

Yeah! No longer do we just have Woodland, Desert, Digital, Blue Tiger, or Red Tiger. We now get Arctic, Urban, and Fall camo as well. Unfortunately we do not get Golden. As of now anyway. We could see it later on. But the Fall Camo is now the one you want as it's the last camo you unlock.

Accolades are merely an assessment that you get at the end of each match. It gives you an accolade for what you accomplished during that game.

Other things
Well now instead of going into a match as a sniper with a typical forest Ghillie suit on, if you don't have it unlocked you simply wont wear it, and there are more suits. Desert, Woodland, Arctic, and Urban suits are your new Ghilie's.. These can be unlocked through sniper challenges.

There are a lot more large maps and a lot more Urbanized ones as well with tight corners. A few of the maps are very open so be careful of snipers.

Things to watch out for during online play

These are the first key to getting a large killstreak. If someone calls in a Harrier try to shoot it down immediately. The Harrier is completely vulnerable to attacks. I know for a fact that one shot with a rocket will bring it down.

Chopper Gunners (Impachi), and AC130's.
These can be a real pain in the ass. For one, they're extremely effective. For two, they're hard to shoot down; especially the AC130. The Chopper Gunner is controlled by the user and can generate at most 20 kills. It's the one thing that gives people the edge to the Nuke. If one gets called in (preferably the Chopper Gunner), shoot it down! The AC130 can be avoided due to how long it takes for it to reload, and for the rockets to get there. But still, be on alert.

Run! Everybody run! Hide in tha towah! Well seems were about to be obliterated. If you're on the winning side then it really doesn't matter, but when your on the loosing side I like to commit suicide during the last second. I'd rather die jumping off of a building then being blown to dust. The Nuke gives you a 10 Second warning that it's coming so try to rack up a few more kills quickly.

As I know there are numerous glitches. One set of glitches are Rock Glitches. There's one on Derail and on Afgan that I know of. If you find one of these and he kills you, don't go after him! It'll only infuriate you more. Second set is Elevators. These are VERY hard to do so if he dies he'll likely try to do it again. Kill one of these and sit around the area he was for a couple seconds. He may have even put a Tactical Insertion down so you might want to look where ever he was that he shouldn't (Roofs and such).

Tactical Insertions
Instead of destroying it... Wait! I look at these like free kills, and it'll piss off the guy you just killed. Spawn killing is one of the most irritating things I've seen in this game and I'd hate it if someone did that to me.

Odd's N' Ends

What's Camping?
It's when someone sits in a position and waits for people to walk by. Basically a trap.

To be continued...
6 years ago#8
Continued from "Odds N' Ends".

Noobtube? What's a Noobtube?
It's the Grenade Launcher or Thumper. People call it a Noobtube because it's a cheap way to get kills but I find it effective and use it quite a bit myself.

What's Prestige?
Prestige can be (Now obtained at lv. 70) an aggravating yet very rewarding as you get new class slots and a callsign material. When you prestige you also get Prestige Challanges. The down side to Prestige is that you lose you Killstreaks, Perks, Weapons, etc... However you do keep your Callsigns.

I'm having problems staying with my friends when we join matches
I'm not sure what happens here. For some reason it'll occasionally slit people up when their in parties. A fault of the Host Migration thing. Hopefully IW gets this fixed.

I was playing and all of the sudden my screen went black and yellow. After a minute it went back to normal!
This is the wonderful yet sometimes annoying feature of Host Migration. No more "Host Ended Games" here. Although if it can't migrate properly it'll simply send everyone back to the lobby.

I couldn't customize offline in COD4. Can I now?
Why yes! Yes you can! However it's separate from your online account so you'll have to get everything again. But it's treated just like the profiles in online play.

A Clan?
A clan is a group of people who want to have fun together. Some are even legit clans that actually stick together and play GameBattles. I know that a LOT of people want to be in/have a clan so if you're interested look around in the rest of the forum.

Everyone left! Where did they go?
Chances are that they're scared of you! Nah, well maybe. Anyway for some reason the servers don't like connecting people to live games. If this happens you're better off to just wait it out. If no one comes within 30 seconds you'll likely get a win. But you can always leave the game if you want to take the loss.

Why are Leaderboards so important?
People believe it determines your overall "skill". I disagree however, cause I've seen some really good players who play random matches and hence why their Win/Lose ratio would be bad. Also people who have really good K/D's usually play nothing but Search and Destroy so the leaderboards are somewhat a farce.

Will we ever receive a Map Pack?
Yep! Rumor has it that we'll be getting a map pack sometime this Spring. I also heard that we get 2 COD4 Maps (Overgrown and Ambush I was told. Don't rely to heavily on that though it is a rumor.), and 2 new MW2 maps.

My friend suddenly joined my lobby! What a coincidence!
Not really. In MW2 there's a new feature that allows you to connect with your friends when they're in a pre-game lobby or a regular match when there aren't enough players in the match.

Why is the Model 1887 considered cheap?
Because you simply rock with it! Most people complain because it's a very strong weapon when equipped with Akimbo. Personally I prefer the Ranger.

Will the Javelin Glitch be patched?
Yes, in fact it may have been already. If not it should be here soon.

What is 3rd Person?
Instead of playing in first person where you could only see your guns and hands, now you get to see your whole body and everything around it. With 3rd person you can't aim effectively. It's like shooting from the hip but more accurate. Sniping has changed too, you can't see as far with your scope.

To be continued...
6 years ago#9
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]
6 years ago#10
Continued from "Odds N' Ends".

What does HSX3 mean?
*Sigh* It's a tag used for people who want headshots for camo's. I personally can't stand people who do this.

What does Boosting mean
It's when you complete challanges to obtain attachments, and callsigns. It's basically the same as HSX3 except it's not headshots you want. Another thing I really can't stand.

What is Capture the Flag?
One of my favorite gamemodes, Capture the Flag is essentially that. Capture the enemy's flag whilst defending your own. After a set amount of time you and your opponent switch places where the flag you were once defending is your target to capture.

What is Demolition?
There are 2 Targets to destroy/defend. The object of this is to destroy/defend the targets till time runs out. When one of the targets are destroyed there's a time extension. Another note for this game mode is that EVERYONE who's on the attacking side has a bomb. It's kinda like Sabotage but rather more similar to Search and Destroy.

What is Team Deathmatch Express?
It's regular Team Deathmatch except the intermission in the game lobby is vastly reduced.

What is Most Pit?
It's all the game modes (aside from Hardcore modes and 3rd person modes) in one place. Free-for-all, Search, etc...

Sniper Frog?
Just a theory on how IW balances the game out. You'll feel invincible then suddenly have a death streak and vise-versa.

That guy was running really fast! How'd he do that? He didn't call in his Care Package for some reason either, just held it in his hand.
He probably has Marathon and Lightweight equipped. With the Care Package in hand there' nothing restricting your speed except in-game-physics. With this method it's like you have two lightweights equipped. Go try it with a Tactical Knife and a pistol. Lots of fun.

My UAV is suddenly gone! Where'd it go? I just called it in!
Chances are that it got shot down my a rocket. It's really vulnerable and can even be taken down in 6-7 shots with the Barrett .50Cal. You can also shoot down Counter-UAV's and other things.

My Care Package killed me. :(
Haha well Care Packages are One Hit Kills so keep that in mind as they will roll and they will kill you or anyone in the way for that matter.

Well I hope this helped you guys. Please request for a sticky. :)
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