Funny Gamertags you've seen on Call of Duty.

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User Info: Ratchet-Man

7 years ago#1
So what are some funny Gamertags you've guys seen over the years on any CoD game?
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User Info: avianBC

7 years ago#2
"Rock is overpowered. Paper is fine." - Scissors

User Info: Charlie7911

7 years ago#3
"a mexican"

its only funny when you kill the person with it though.

User Info: pokemariofan

7 years ago#4
[This request was moderated at the deletetion of an administrator]
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User Info: m00t_macguigan

7 years ago#5
b& from /b/ for being me, also being 14
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User Info: buffin13

7 years ago#6
I laugh when I see them, but can't remember them when the time comes.
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User Info: CaptainSlow_69

7 years ago#7
"Obiwankaboneme" & "GetOwnedByMy". Those are some of the better ones i've seen lol. PS: if you don't get the second name remember, the gun you use pops up beside your name after you kill someone.
GT: x NoxoN x
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User Info: sniperwolfe90

7 years ago#8
One yesterday that made me chuckle just for its simplicity was Afghana Banana. I've seen quite a few that made me laugh, hard. Another one that made me laugh, but only because it was so racist and I was laughing that it actually made it past the censors was a gamertag that essentially said "All black people belong on nooses". The actual tag was far worse, so you'll have to leave it up to your imagination. Needless to say, I filed a complaint, along with my friends in the match, and then we messaged some recent players to get them to file one too.

User Info: MrPokemon

7 years ago#9
danglee nuts
mike okslonger

User Info: JJ2036

7 years ago#10
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]
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