White House MP map.

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7 years ago#1

Who besides me would love to see a multiplayer map in the white house? Or sections of it at least, imagine knifing someone in the oval office! I am really glad they are bringing the fight to the US this time.. I always said they should do that. Even if theres not a White House map there will be some maps that are set in the USA.

7 years ago#2
Did you know its illegal to say,"I wanna kill the president!"? Federal offense. They lock you up forever.
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7 years ago#3
Actually "I'm going to kill the president!" gets you arrested.

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7 years ago#4
Ok? Anyways what about my question.. silly billys.
7 years ago#5
i think it would be awesome too.....but i doubt we'll get a multiplayer map inside the white house
7 years ago#6
Anyone ever see the skit from The State? ^^^
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7 years ago#7
Or the old skit from MadTV... or wait was it MadTV? I remember seeing it when I was really young, mighta been a skit show on MTV actually.
7 years ago#8
if ANYTHING, we'll be lucky enough to get a map like maybe around or in the FRONT of the white house
7 years ago#9
Martiin51 posted...
if ANYTHING, we'll be lucky enough to get a map like maybe around or in the FRONT of the white house

7 years ago#10
It's really, really, illegal to say I think someone should kill the president of the United States of America...But not illegal to say 'with a mortar launcher'...cause that's it's own sentence.

I also found out it's incredibly illegal, extremely illegal, to go on television and say something like, the best place to fire a mortar launcher at the white house would be from the roof of the Rockefeller-Hewitt building because of minimal security and you'd have a clear line of sight to the President's bedroom. Insanely illegal, ridiculously, recklessly, insanely illegal.
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