this is what the terrorists say

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7 years ago#1
they run around going "Jambi!". they don't shut up with the friggin "Jambi!". kinda sounds like "Jam-bay". what do you think Pee Wee does with that head in a box when no one is around?
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7 years ago#2
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7 years ago#3
They are not terrorists.
7 years ago#4
and brazillians say the same things as opfor
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7 years ago#5
Do you realize theres a generation of kids whose first interaction with education is watching car accidents and handjobs get interrupted by rapping dinosaurs?
7 years ago#6
i swear ive heard "for ur muda!!!"

(thats how it was pronounced)
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7 years ago#7

= )

thats all I hear.
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7 years ago#8
They will get to saying one thing and not shut the hell up.


7 years ago#9
Yeah what the hell is TANGO SUCKA
7 years ago#10
Tactical header.
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