List of MW2 characters, sorted by cuteness [SPOILERS] [NOT J4G]

#1DA_BEST_POSTERPosted 12/5/2009 7:36:18 PM
Alright, after compiling several megabytes worth of MW2 character pictures and hours of analyzing their in-game models, I think I have finally come up with an, in my opinion, definitive list of all the MW2 studs, from least to most cute.

Note: My criteria for the cute rating system is how nice their build is, how deep I could gaze into their eyes, the soft-yet-tough complexion of their face, and the probable toitness of their butts.

So, without further ado, these are The Hottest MW2 Characters..

8. Ghost (since I never got to really see his face, he misses a ton of points in the grading system)
7. Nikolai
6. Rojas
5. Price
4. Shepherd
3. Soap
2. Dunn

.. and drumroll please!

1. Makarov

But why Makarov? It's very simple. He has the most stylish hairstyle in the game, he's also got the best facial hair out of all the characters (which coincidentally I also have, hehe), and his voice is sexy enough to melt any boy's heart.

I know some of you will disagree with this list, and that's OK. Feel free to contribute your own ratings and surely we can discuss the matter further. But in the end, with the amount of hot boys already in the game, surely everyone wins! <333