Best Class setup For Search and Destroy?

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7 years ago#1
The class I currently use on search and destroy is:

Acr + silencer

AA12 + rds

Scavenger Pro

Stopping Power Pro

Ninja Pro

Usually go 7-4 on average with this class.
7 years ago#2
Eh. Do you have the M1014? It's infinitely better than the AA-12
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7 years ago#3
shouldn't need scavenger in search use sleight of hand
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7 years ago#4
Stop aiming with the shotty.
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7 years ago#5
ACR is bad because of low damage.

AA12 is bad because of low clip/range/damage.

Use TAR silenced, SPAS w/ grip/silence, Sleight of Hand/Bling/Marathon, and Cold Blooded. Ninja is good.
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7 years ago#6
Isn't tar with silencer = F2000's recoil?
7 years ago#7
not bad however SoH would work a tad better as P1. other than that looks good. Personally I go....

Akimbo G18 / 44 Magnums not sure whatever mood im in.
Throwing Knife
Stun Grenade
P1: Slight Of Hand
P2: Lightweight / Stopping Power
P3: Steady Aim / Ninja
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7 years ago#8
If you have a problem with the TAR's recoil then you might as well stick with that ACR. >_>
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7 years ago#9
try TAR or SCAR, low damage isn't doing you any favors.
secondaries should only be used in emergencies
scavenger is only unuseful in S&D try bling and add HBS
see any stopping power vs cold blooded argument
meh all 3rd perks are useless except maybe ninja and if you have fancy headphones, sitrep pro
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7 years ago#10
Any assault rifle except F2000/UMP/any sniper except M21 with SoH pro/Marathon, SP/Cold Blooded/, Ninja Pro. Most search classes use generally the same perks. Search is more about map control so weapons don't matter as much.
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