Meaning of MLG

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User Info: lmezza

7 years ago#1
Men Lacking Girlfriends

Most people are idiots. Fact.

User Info: DeViLXinCaRnATe

7 years ago#2
"A guy killed me with Model 1887s. I traced his Gamertag via Facebook, went to his house, and hit him with a brick."-Sonic_Shot

User Info: Timmc5

7 years ago#3
^ What he said.

User Info: Moody_V9001

7 years ago#4
XBL: l MoodY l PSN: l_MoodY_l
I have more nukes than you.

User Info: Plzstopflaming

7 years ago#5
Lol the funny part about TC is that pros at MLG Events have so many girls on there stick its not even funny. I went to MLG Vegas a while back for Halo 2 FFA and I thought the same thing as the TC, but they have girls that just follow em around waiting for them to get takin to a hotel room its bad.

Sad part about it is that they get girls that actually enjoy their hobbies and they are getting paid.... TC is jealous

User Info: lmezza

7 years ago#6
New and exciting.
MLG = Men Lacking Girlfriends

User Info: notoriouslynx42

7 years ago#7
^They're called prostitutes.

User Info: lmezza

7 years ago#8
Those type of girls are very, very desperate to get laid. Also known as a word starting with S and ending with s.
MLG = Men Lacking Girlfriends

User Info: Plzstopflaming

7 years ago#9
As long as they strap up i doubt they care. And I highly doubt you care about the class of a girl that comes on you expecially since your trying to make fun of people who make money playing video games... Something you could only dream of doing

User Info: Mvm93

7 years ago#10
lets be realistic money earning mlg players gets the girls
men that want to play clan matches rather then maintain their job don't
Gamertag : MVM 93
Psn id : Mstar_93

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