Auto-aim, aim bots and Rapid fire modded-controller

#1SanTheMan1984Posted 4/8/2010 1:58:34 AM
Every time they shouting the same %^&%% thing, you’re a auto-aimer, Rapid fire modded-controller blalalalal.
Can someone explain how this works, and is it up- to date with al the updates?
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#2Moody_V9001Posted 4/8/2010 2:00:51 AM
having a turbo controller for the famas would be pointless.
The striker is sooo anteater.
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#3TorkzorPosted 4/8/2010 2:02:39 AM
I can tap RT so fast that three bullets come out at once!

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#4orr34Posted 4/8/2010 2:08:27 AM
Yeah, I got accused of being an aim-bot the other day, and I have no idea what the person was talking about. If someone could explain to me what that means, I'd appreciate it.

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#5foreverunited55Posted 4/8/2010 2:42:14 AM
Moody search viking 360 modded controller, that makes the famas and m16 pretty much fully auto and does other cool things, although its ridiculously over priced.
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#6RevKev080273Posted 4/8/2010 3:05:54 AM
I use the FAL and when they hit the ground like a sack of s*** I get accused of using a modded-controller.
#7taraundergroundPosted 4/8/2010 4:58:05 AM
I got accused of using a modded controller the other day when I was using the FAL.
If you saw how slowly I pull the trigger you would understand just how funny and ridiculous that is. I mean somebody with a bolt ation sniper rifle shoots quicker than I do with my FAL lol

I think bad players just have automatic responses to each weapon they get killed with.
#8CalelithPosted 4/8/2010 5:04:17 AM
You can tell the difference between a mod controller and a fast finger.

But i do wonder if there are aim bots or something similar, seen some supernatural aiming.
#9GR3Y5H3ARTPosted 4/8/2010 5:55:09 AM
yeah...modded controller and Fal is fairly easy to spot...most don't even deny it as it would be stupid to try

anyone have more info on Aim Bot as and what signs to look for?
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#10leaky toiletPosted 4/8/2010 6:04:37 AM
I don't understand how a modded controller with an FAL would be "easy to spot." It has a capped RoF which can be easily hit with a finger. Even then, it's not very accurate.

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