Comprehensive Noob Guide to MW2 v1.00

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Why does there need to be a nood guide? When this game is for noobs and 13 year olds?

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bump for the truth
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it's true
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So is F5 down or what.
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LOL SP on WA2000 doesn't do anything.
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From: game1997 | #257
LOL SP on WA2000 doesn't do anything.

It does with a silencer

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Er, you're making another one, correct? If so, you might want to go more in-depth on how sniper rifles work. It seems to be one of the biggest things people don't know about- I still see Cold-blooded Barrets this late into the game.
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From: pasteldechoclo | #020
why do you recommend against the model 1887? I think that using them akimbo is pretty effective as long as u dont shoot them off at the same time (depends on the situation of course)
I have to admit i still prefer the spas 12 tho, but i'd just like to know why the model is bad

The Model's now are ****ing pea shooters..that's why.
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