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Blops 2 or Ghost? Which should I pick up? (Archived)
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Stats Topic (Archived)
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Ran into a couple of mods recently... (Archived)Mig_Mej53/19 2:16PM
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Maybe it's nostalgia, but I think this is the best CoD game. (Archived)
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Hit the 20k wins mark last night (Archived)IStopVitalSignS53/17 8:00PM
So I am working on challenges now. I would like some help or advice. (Archived)
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Leveling to 70 (Archived)buddyboy10163/13 6:04PM
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Does someone with the GT "viberunner" come here? (Archived)
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The lunge is real (Archived)
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30 more headshots and ALL SMGs and all ARs will have 1,000 headshots (Archived)IStopVitalSignS33/10 10:18AM
Sitrep Pro vs. Ninja Pro (Archived)
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