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Anyone else think they should fix this problem? (Archived)DjRags53/11/2009
I will have a 2.30/kdr on S&D on this game (Archived)TheLiquidLex43/11/2009
This is for all the people who want to know bout CALL OF DUTY MODERN WARFARE 2 (Archived)morpher77723/11/2009
why cant when the host leaves the match just goes to the next best option? (Archived)CADE FOSTER53/11/2009
I'm afraid I'm going to be disappointed wit dis game..... (Archived)cheebsy93/10/2009
Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Host System Petition (Archived)brian_got_owned83/10/2009
new 7 kill streak perk (Archived)JR200036093/10/2009
Weapons from BF:BC (Archived)LOTRboy8893/10/2009
I hope they fix this. (Archived)
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I'm not buying this game if it was vehicles. (Archived)
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Get To The Chopper! (My new game type) (Archived)crazycrusherx33/10/2009
New idea for prestiging... (Archived)ahmadbo103/10/2009
Great idea for rank symbols. (Archived)redman7771red1743/10/2009
My Modern Warfare 2 Chopper Idea (Archived)
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Infinity Wards Twitter (Archived)airravers72323/10/2009
gihad zombies (Archived)skylinegtr3142283/10/2009
Take off attachments.... (Archived)
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Hopefully we get dedicated servers so we dont have to rely on crappy connections (Archived)CADE FOSTER23/9/2009
I want the choice of having bouncing betties or claymores (Archived)CADE FOSTER83/9/2009
Pistol idea? (Archived)Mobiusonethree73/9/2009
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