Scans for Agito!!

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User Info: Ari86

8 years ago#1
Here is the link:

User Info: ChargeMan1991

8 years ago#2
Wow those look awesome!
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User Info: touya

8 years ago#3
that's an ingame screen.. impressive..
I knew Japanese mobile phones were advanced.. but I'm still surprised how good this looks..

glad that Squeni decided to make for the PSP ^.^
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User Info: Zimbrux

8 years ago#4
I wouldn't take those as ingame until we see some actual footage, period. Anyone else remembers the FFVIII "ps2 tech demo"? Because I do.

User Info: Master_Happosai

8 years ago#5
That's FFXIII for PS3.

User Info: Dreadhead542

8 years ago#6
^bottom half of this scan:
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