Influence of the crystal?

#1GurudaPosted 9/28/2008 9:58:17 PM
While counting down the days until TGS where, if there is a god, we'll get some new Agito information, I started thinking about the basic premise of the game. Here's what I came up with and I admit it's built on 99% air and 1% questionable interpretation of a screenshot. We know the crystal in Unnamed Country is going to shatter and probably very early in the game since they've told us that it's going to happen so it can't be a big secret. I think that maybe the twelve students each get power from holding a fragment of the shattered crystal. The initial setup is sort of like FFV already so there's some precedent here.

Also, in the first of the latest set of screenshots we see three characters (Cards, Whipsword and Katana) without any weapons. In what is probably the same scene Katana Boy suddenly has his weapon. Given that he didn't have one earlier and the entire thing is glowing it looks like he's summoning it from somewhere. I wonder if possibly the characters get crystal fragments and each of them grants power shaped by the personality of the bearer. This would cover weapons and possibly the summons as well. It's also possible that the crystals only affect summons and give the ability to materialize and dematerialize weapons the students already have (hey, they've never told us what kind of school they attend).

Screenshots in question for reference:

So, any thoughts or do I just have too much free time?
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Wow, man, I see you REALLY need to be given some information about this game from TGS...