Found something on 2ch as well(possible mega spoilers?)

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found this scan 2ch:

Guess that's the "15th" member. Can anyone read what it says?

I didn't realize this pic was here. Maybe someone should make a new topic about it, since, it looks like "TIZ" is (maybe) the mysterious 15th member..

here's some translation: (my english suckz, so someone please fix the grammar and thing)
The one who wear enemy byakko soldier's equipment is Lean. On the other hand, Tiz is dressing the same way as Class Zero's members. Their relationship is not known yet, but it looks like they're working together. What are their intention? And, what are their identities?
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Siren in FF Type? o.O
sure? or fake?
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Celes18 posted...
Siren in FF Type? o.O
sure? or fake?

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