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StickyFinal Fantasy Type-0 general information (Sticky)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 ]
heartlesshero17598/27 2:47AM
StickyPlease do not discuss any unofficial game patches. (Sticky)Error1355 (M)16/11 7:11AM
Difference between psp and ps4 versionKosmo24098523/3 12:45PM
Where can I find revive item ?AKgunner_9F33/2 3:48PM
who else is sticking with the psp version as SE as screwed us over for ps4 ver?
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
PSOGuy25402/28 5:22PM
PS3 AdhocpartyBigBeard198512/28 8:52AM
Does everyone drop 9999s eventually?
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
alt_reality162/27 1:38PM
How is the music/story?PackAttack9142/27 1:32PM
Defeat 10 hundlegs requestcloudropis72/27 1:28PM
how's the enemy variety?Sharebear42032/27 1:25PM
want a legit copy of this game on your vitafeartheghost80532/23 4:50PM
Corsi Cave historical document --can't find it.luigi3322/22 12:47AM
How can I start a mission right away?Oddones22/13 5:51PM
Can everyone eventually learn all of their abilities/how bad can I screw up? (Archived)alt_reality62/7 2:20PM
Amazement, Overwhelming, Frustration, Illusion, Forgiveness & Exercise Lvl (Archived)xylomarim62/4 5:07PM
Question about free time (Archived)dnovo31/27 10:44AM
What happened during the Togoreth mission? (Archived)rapraks21/26 7:40AM
When do reserve members jump in battle? (Archived)cloudropis51/25 3:02PM
Secret ending (Archived)Edale131/23 9:01AM
A little confused here (Archived)gozalix31/14 2:58AM
TIPS : Alto crystarium, Phamtoma and Magic Upgrading Tips (Archived)N8yo61/13 2:10PM
Help! (Archived)rnrrj21/7 7:36PM
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