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User Info: Moeman_

4 years ago#11
No, wait, I remember now. Mine was chapter 5.

Glad I didn't vote yet.

Friggin Rollers.
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User Info: ZeoPamaster

4 years ago#12
The thing about chapter 5 is the wtfhax increase in enemy's HP.

The Wads only lost a quarter of its hp when getting hit by an ODK. srsly..? -.-
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User Info: eixeeee

4 years ago#13
SSj7CloudS posted...
Either Episode 4 or 5, really just depends on if I'm having a good run against the worms or not. 5 is just an unpleasant spike in difficulty in general.

This, pretty much.

Leaning more towards Episode 4 because of the difficulty it takes to get AAA Rank, which requires almost no use of the Retry option on Insane, whereas Episode 5 is divvied up into bite-sized pieces, more or less.
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