Thinking about buying this. (some spoilers)

#1haven4987Posted 4/23/2013 11:07:31 PM
Ok I've became a PE fan since it came out and loved the games. I'm reading the book for the second time so now I'm thinking, "should I play this?" I did some research and a lot of people are saying the story was crap or i'ts not a PE game etc. I really want to get this, so will I enjoy it? I also heard it at least had good gameplay but I'm just afraid to buy it lol. I'm looking for some honest opinions so if anyone has played it, let me know.

Forgot to mention that I do intend to spoil myself sometimes so yes I know what happens at the end. I know that Aya and Eve switched bodies and that you played as Eve the whole time which explains Aya's behavior during the game. I was glad to see Maeda, Kyle, and Eve coming back so I thought that was pretty cool. The thing I didn't get in the ending is that Kyle is laying bleeding and the next thing it's like the whole thing starts all over and Kyle walks off to find eternity (Aya). Can someone explain that to me? I heard this game had a lot of time traveling so I'm guessing that explains it. But anyway I want your guys opinion on whether I should get the game or not. Thanks
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My only guess is that either Kyle was in the hospital (Note how the pastor is different in the ending) and got patched up, since he was injured, but otherwise okay.

I think you should get it. You knew the biggest thing I knew before going in, and I love The 3rd Birthday. Also, you'll be pleasantly surprised on Aya's behavior after Episode 3.
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Thanks man I appreciated. I'll be picking this up then.
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^Good! Enjoy it, and post any questions or thoughts about the game whenever you like. Someone will respond at some point.
#5Larry_MPosted 5/2/2013 1:32:46 AM
I'd say go for it. I rather like it and am looking on getting the music cd for it as well. I love the music and it'd be nice to just have it to listen to.