Any tips for getting all Feats in Episode 5 on Hard? [SPOILERS]

#1Moeman_Posted 6/17/2013 8:38:02 AM
Hello, everyone. :) I'm currently going through a play-through on Hard mode, and I'm quite simply at a loss as to accomplishing them. Aya can barely survive one Roller, let alone two at once. Here are my current stats.

Aya's Level: 53
Weapons: YS226, Gr6-Tactic (LV6 proficiency in both assault rifle and shotgun)
OE Levels:
Kill Boost LV 25
Rapid Link LV 25
Odds Up LV 24
Energy Defense LV 24
Haste LV 24
Energy Shot LV 24
Restock LV 24
Power Surge LV 24
Critical Shot LV 24

I plan on replacing Odds Up with Boost Fire when I can get everything to LV 25. It took me a lot of time shifting OE Chips just to get some of these to LV 24, though... Should I spend more time trying to max out my Over Energy instead?

Thank you very much for your help. Have a nice day. :)
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#2Moeman_(Topic Creator)Posted 6/18/2013 4:28:41 AM
Just gave it another shot, and I still have no idea how to pull this off. The area with the Beans and Wads that segues into being filled with Rollers and Wads is just too hard to pull off. Even if I manage to beat the Beans, my troops are too hurt after the battle with the Beans to take on the Rollers.
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#3Moeman_(Topic Creator)Posted 6/18/2013 12:04:01 PM
And then I remembered the T498 PS. Whoops. Sorry about this, guys. Been a while, you know. >_>
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