The 3rd Birthday nominated craziest, most insane story of all time. spoilers

#1xenosaga123Posted 12/27/2013 9:32:09 AM
3rd Birthday pretty much wins the discussion

People seem to agree that 3rd Birthday is the most insane, with Drakengard being just as insane in its own way.

(though 3rd Birthday probably wins because it's not only insane, but perhaps the most convoluted videogame story ever with more twists than the entire Metal Gear franchise, while not needing various sequels, prequels and spinoffs like Kingdom Hearts to BECOME super convoluted. And even after the story is over, it still ends crazier than when it started.)
So maybe its a draw. Most crazy stories would seem normal compared to those two.
Other nominations included Bad Dudes and even Pokemon.
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I think its time for a reboot of this series!
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Chapter 1 I thought I understood what was going on.

Chapter 2 I still thought I knew what was going on.

Chapter 3 I was a bit confused but then I thought once again I knew what was going on and went "Ah, so that's why this happened... okay I get it."

Chapter 4 Is when I started to wonder if it was somewhat of a Devil May Cry 3 story with some confusing parts so I thought I understood a bit of what's happening.

Chapter 5 I was like 100% sure of the whole story now and thought it was cool.

Chapter 6 before the ending I still was 100% sure of what was happening and was like "This is nice.... hard as hell game but this is nice."
THEN THE CUTSCENE STARTS and I'm like "Okay?" and thought I got it going "Okay so.... this is... that? Sounds like the whole Nier twist of an ending but eh..."
Then the wedding ceremony and I was like "Okay... I don't get it..." then Kyle calls her Eve and I'm like "Yeah I don't get it..."
Now the credits are rolling and I'm like "WHAT THE HELL?!? WHAT DOES IT ALL MEEEEAN! I DON'T BLOODY GET IT!"

Much better than Mass Effect 3 but... yeah I DON'T DAMN WELL GET IT ONE BIT!
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