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YRI: SE announces a new PE for smartphones at TGS (Archived)SoraandRoxasFan59/22 10:04AM
The soldiers and police in this game are amazing (Archived)Fayt_Of_Heaven39/15 1:30PM
Good game marred by terrible story (Archived)mohit920617/10/2014
Stuck on Episode 2 (Archived)Cavedweller200056/24/2014
So hey! I just finished this game! (Archived)WinhillSeeDDirk36/4/2014
Eyes On Me by Superfly - lyrics update after 3 years (Archived)Moeman_15/29/2014
What happened to the CTI boss(Hunter Owen)? (Archived)Truffled14/26/2014
Toriyama: ''My next project will be a brand new title'' (Archived)SoraandRoxasFan73/29/2014
Sample of A.Y.A from Yoko Shimomura's ''memoria'' album (Archived)SoraandRoxasFan23/29/2014
best chapter to farm OE chips from? (Archived)freecom0123/21/2014
Like this game, but seriously !!!!! (Archived)liamx200023/21/2014
What are the lyrics for Into the Babel and Immortality of Time? (Archived)Mitochondri0n33/18/2014
any Energy Shot + ??? = Rapid Link combinations? (Archived)freecom0153/8/2014
Beating this game on hard with no grinding ... it feels like I'm in heaven. (Archived)Mega_Rat53/7/2014
This games difficulty is ridiculous! (Archived)
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Yoko Shimomura to release a remix album featuring music of the last 25 years. (Archived)SoraandRoxasFan12/7/2014
oe board (Archived)mysteryshadow522/6/2014
Requesting Dissidia DLC Code EU (Archived)OccultFan12/5/2014
Is this an official artwork? (Archived)Yorada42/4/2014
The 3rd Birthday nominated craziest, most insane story of all time. spoilers (Archived)xenosaga12341/29/2014
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