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A reference to T3B in Sony's 4ThePlayers ad
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how do you unlock model viewer for these costumes?Brocken_Jr311/25/2013
Dissidia Aya CodeNuclearWeapon1010/24/2013
Is this game worth every penny ?bigfatTuna710/8/2013
Lightning (Aya Brea Costume) Dissidia Code (US Region)Cremdogz110/8/2013
Is there a CWCheat code for the shower scene in video log?vV_Ryudo_Vv29/25/2013
Possible news about PE3 coming this SundaySoraandRoxasFan29/22/2013
Timetable of Sony's ''Creating the world of PS4'' conferenceSoraandRoxasFan39/19/2013
Tabata is going to work on new I.Ps for seniorsSoraandRoxasFan49/18/2013
Phil Rogers: ''SE is in production with a number of next-gen projects''
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
I'm having problems with the runt spawn (those stupid worm things)Mannybiglips28/20/2013
Something I've noticed related to AWM100's theory...[MAJOR PE series SPOILERS]SoraandRoxasFan48/5/2013
Aya's blue eyes
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
A few questionsliamx200057/21/2013
A BIG THANKS Too.....beny_pimpster17/1/2013
About the title "The 3rd Birthday." [SPOILERS FOR ENTIRE PE SERIES + NOVEL]
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
Favorite outfit?
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Oh God, I hope he is not referring to mobile games...SoraandRoxasFan66/22/2013
Any tips for getting all Feats in Episode 5 on Hard? [SPOILERS]Moeman_36/18/2013
Aya's Costumes (With pictures...and possibly spoilers mentioned)AWM10036/13/2013
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