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Oh God, I hope he is not referring to mobile games... (Archived)SoraandRoxasFan66/22/2013
Any tips for getting all Feats in Episode 5 on Hard? [SPOILERS] (Archived)Moeman_36/18/2013
Aya's Costumes (With pictures...and possibly spoilers mentioned) (Archived)AWM10036/13/2013
Someone from SE NA claims SE has many secret projects (and more stuff) (Archived)
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A missed oppourtunity regarding time travel. (Archived)ShadOtterdan26/8/2013
Best gameplay for PE series? (Poll)EmiliaTheSage36/8/2013
Was this game made in the USA? (Archived)Snazzybat56/3/2013
Pile Bunker (Archived)Captain_Michael25/25/2013
OD CHIP deleting went evolve to a single chip (Archived)Captain_Michael35/24/2013
Weapon Help (Spoilers) (Archived)sasukegregar8815/17/2013
Reviews are pretty scathing. Is this a mindless button masher, truly? (Archived)lonlonmilklover105/12/2013
Glitches! (Spoilers) (Archived)Cremdogz65/12/2013
Dissidia Code (Archived)Blond_Ezel3945/11/2013
I'm not quite sure if I understand...*spoilers*... (Archived)
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Does someone have a Dissidia costume code they don't want/need? (Archived)ZeroBassX25/7/2013
Episode 4, Chapter 1, Feat: "Tank team survivors unharmed" (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Thinking about buying this. (some spoilers) (Archived)haven498755/2/2013
Japan psn question??? (Archived)Larry_M15/2/2013
Over Energy past level 25 (Archived)ShadOtterdan14/30/2013
A question about feats and case training. (Archived)Moeman_94/18/2013
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