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Even with the explanation from T3B's book the ending still lacks some sense (Archived)SoraandRoxasFan37/21/2012
Toriyama would like that fans anticipate his new project (Archived)SoraandRoxasFan77/20/2012
Something that caught my attention from Episode 4 boss battle (Massive spoilers) (Archived)SoraandRoxasFan17/16/2012
Cool facts hexadrive (Archived)ballaeveryday77/14/2012
Let's use this survey of Agni's Philosophy to complain about T3B's ending (Archived)
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Aya's outfit dlc costume (Archived)FireLordJeff27/8/2012
A Couple Of System Data Questions (Archived)NeoZeromus37/7/2012
Didn't play the others, will I enjoy this? (Archived)jouluturkki87/5/2012
Weapons Parts Please (Archived)Captain_Michael57/4/2012
Weapon Parts and Bullets (Archived)Captain_Michael37/4/2012
Special Gun Or Probable Special Worthless (Archived)Captain_Michael27/4/2012
Is this game really an X button masher like FFXIII was? :( (Archived)lonlonmilklover67/1/2012
New Game - Insane Mode (Archived)
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Video Review (Archived)Otacon29A16/28/2012
Bullets and Impact Barrel I think (Archived)Captain_Michael16/27/2012
Sniper Riffle and Pile Bunker (Archived)Captain_Michael96/26/2012
Difficulty and feats (Archived)ballaeveryday86/24/2012
technically the best in the series... (Archived)Otacon29A76/23/2012
The queen episode 2 feats (Archived)ballaeveryday36/21/2012
escape from reapers unharmed (Archived)Captain_Michael86/20/2012
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