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What would be good perks to look for with a Silimar's Wrath reforge? (Archived)
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DullahansXMark1912/19 6:20PM
Straw Poll: Player satisfaction with the RNG Raid loot (Poll)
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8bitPunk1212/19 5:26PM
MIDA multtool is going to be my new primary (Archived)Dark_Jinouga612/19 4:55PM
Why do people have a hard time killing the Sword bearer in the new raid? (Archived)PDGMTG712/19 3:23PM
ruin wings or the claws of ahamkara (Archived)gamepimp12512/19 2:52PM
Worth playing without DLC? (Archived)Mbarnhart66512/19 1:24PM
In case you wonder (Archived)AikonMonk212/19 1:22PM
Am I missing out? (Archived)
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jaredt3031512/19 1:14PM
Just started (Archived)Kregen612/19 1:01PM
exotic armor xurgrades (Archived)That1Steve412/19 12:37PM
can i just point out how much bungie hates warlocks (Archived)
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helIy4912/19 12:12PM
Thunderlord "hidden" bonus? (Archived)Somnambulistic612/19 11:16AM
fate of all fools!!!!!!! (Archived)That1Steve912/19 11:12AM
warlock gloves: Claws of Ahamkara (Archived)schwarzwind187712/19 10:36AM
Unpopular opinion? (Archived)Joeeetm412/19 10:32AM
Will xur sell the same exotics with different stats later on? (Archived)unbalancedego312/19 10:06AM
Does MIDA stack with Radiant Dance Machines? (Archived)AngryOldFeral212/19 10:00AM
Eidolon Ally is crap (Archived)
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xliner2412/19 9:58AM
tumbler (Archived)michaelt1263612/19 8:52AM
Xur, I'm beggin' ya... (Archived)
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cWbSm00th5512/19 8:05AM