what do you think of my pc?

#21jedisuperhero88Posted 9/2/2008 4:19:35 PM
Lets state a few things. THe TC is full of sh*t for the following reasons:

1) Dual slot cards (9800 Gx2, 7900 dual card forgot what it's called, 3870X2, and 4870X2 +4850X2), you can only have 2 of. There's Quad SLI and Quad Fire...not Hex -SLI and Hexfire. There is no such thing as 3 dual graphics on a single motherboard

2) If you could really run CoD4 at 100+ FPS with your land of Oz dream PC, you wouldn't be asking such a question on a game such as GTA IV. Besides, like a poster above me said, it looks like you went to somewhere like alienware.com or dell.com and supercharged yourself a 8-12k PC and posted the specifications here. (YES i've made a $13,000 PC on alienware.com just for fun but that's not the point)

3) I couldn't see a sane perrson spending that amount of scrupulous money on a PC even IF they thad the money. A little research and newegging with some ebaying on the side saves you hundreds which adds up. I mean the rich don't stay rich just spending money frivoulously. A fool and his gold/money are soon parted.


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