social club wont let me play

#1CaNadAiNhIpHoPPosted 7/2/2009 6:40:19 PM
hey guyz i just bought the game since it was cheap and i keep getting an error while installing it..

"suite intergration toolkit Executable" has encountered a problem.

is there a way around social club or a way to fix this issue.

just in case :

computer specs:

gtx 280
quad core q9550 at 3.4ghz
4gb ddr2 1000mhz
780i motherboard
windows XP service pack 3
#2revoscloudPosted 7/2/2009 8:43:15 PM
Look into Xliveless. It takes away the need for all that extra crap.
#3dogdersPosted 7/3/2009 1:00:34 AM

thnks, I didnt know bout this before, but gonna start using it for the mods. but reading how you cant completely remove the social club sux. WTH were they thinkin with all this anti piracy crap, I cant even just jump into the game without all this hassle. I think this is the last GTA game I buy thanks to the crappy social club and windows live. Utter rubbish. rant off.

#4revoscloudPosted 7/3/2009 1:16:18 AM
That's what Xliveless is or though. You dont need to be signed in on RGSC or GFWL. Just run the game directly from launchgtaiv.exe
#5thinkeryPosted 7/3/2009 1:23:38 AM
GFWL is no problem at all.
Social Club however is just something really un-needed and only increase my start up time for GTA4.

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