Question about the Strong Sexual Content

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Is it really that bad? I mean does the game practically "force" you to have sex with hookers and everything? Never have I been able to play any of the GTA games freely (except for1 and 2) ONLY because of the sexual content. I've only wanted to play GTA because of the freedom in it. Being able to drive a bunch of awesome cars, helicopters, boats, planes, etc. really interested me. That's it. I could care less for the sexual content. To me, sex in video games is for losers who can't get laid in real life. Only driving a huge variety of cars and playing co-op with friends is why I'd play. So is the sex content really that bad?

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If you are offended then don't play the game. The game forces you to kill people etc too and lead a life of crime. It's not for you, get our while you can.

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I'm not offended at all xD Sorry, I forgot to mention my parents seem to despise the game with a passion, not me. It's that fact that I'm not "allowed" to play the game that ticks me off.I don't mind killin people :P What video game doesn't let you do that? and life of crime? Heh, did that in Mafia II ;)

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From: rawdogmeat4 | Posted: 1/6/2011 8:11:52 PM | #001
To me, sex in video games is for losers who can't get laid in real life.

man you are hardcore
can i have a picture of you to hang above my desktop?
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Is a fat ho bouncing up and down on your lap considered SSC? :)
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No gta game forced you to do any of that. It's all optional.

You can have girlfriends in the game, though, and getting your relationship with them to the point where they are willing to have sex with you can also get good abilities from each girlfriend. For example, one girl is a lawyer, and if she likes you, you can call her and ask her to drop your wanted level. She'll only do it a couple times before she wants another date, but it's a good bonus.

The only thing I can think of is if you're going for 100% completion, I think you have to do every available activity with each of your friends, and that includes going to a strip club with some of them. If you're not a completionist, then there's no problem.
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@cjnoone: Thank you very much for the straight-forward anwser :)
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Forgot to say you got to go out on a date with a gay dude and then you kill him.

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You get 3 options on the girls.

1. Hand job

2. Blow Job

3. Sex

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Then you can kill them and get your money back.