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3 years ago#1
After searching through the internet I haven't found a consolidated answer. I really want to mod GTA IV and install ICEnhancer 2.0 (actually waiting for 2.1) and a trainer of some sort featured in this video

When installing mods, I understand I have to replace xlive.dll with xliveless dll. How does this affect my gamertag (linked to GFWL and Xbox LIVE), if it does anything at all?

1. Will I still have access to online on other games and what if I want to play GTA IV online again?
2. Does it turn my gamertag into offline profile that won't be able to sign into GFWL?
3. Can I still earn achievements after enabling mods and installing a trainer?

Thanks, I think I can follow the guide below for installation instructions but just wanted to clarify the above
3 years ago#2
You can't play online, and you can't sign in so no achievements with xliveless.
3 years ago#3
so would you need to replace your original xlive.dll to get back online, and say you lost'd be screwed?
3 years ago#4
bump for info
3 years ago#5
Yes, you would need the original to go back online, to get it back you could try deleting xliveless.dll and then verying the integrity of game cache via Steam, if that doesn't work then you might have to reinstall the game or find the original file online somewhere.

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