GTA IV won't launch (steam, windows 7)

#1XanderDoubleSevPosted 6/8/2013 12:38:56 PM
I've decided to check out the "San Andreas in GTAIV" mod, so I downloaded it and GTA4 both. Ran the mod first, and it prompted me to run the game. Tried to do so... but it wouldn't launch. Clicking play, double clicking or whatever just does... nothing.

Everything google turns up talks about issues with games for windows live or rockstar social club, but I don't even get a prompt to install either, just... nothing.

I tried verifying the file cache and restarting steam. Neither helped. I'd really hate to have to download GTA IV all over again, because it took forever on my connection.

Any idea as to what the problem is and how can it be solved? Windows 7, absolutely no error messages to share.