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2 years ago#1
ok I just buy this game on sale on steam. do I really need to buy a x-box controller to play this game whit a joystick ? because whit my Logitech I cant set the game to work whit it wich is very lame......
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2 years ago#2
could use some answer to my question please
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2 years ago#3
which exact logitech controller do you have? some have a switch on the back to change from directinput which older games use and xinput which is what newer games.
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2 years ago#4
here the link to my controller
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2 years ago#5
yeah that's a old controller and apparently does not support XInput only DirectInput and will most likely not work on new games. there is a software program you might try to convert directinput to xinput called "x360ce" or you could buy a new controller either a wired xbox 360/xbox one or you could get a logitech f310 which supports direct and xinput for old and new games.
i still haven't found what i'm looking for...
2 years ago#6
thx im going to try the software first hehe :-)
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2 years ago#7
in a "worst case scenario" event, you can/should be able to use the Logitech software to re-set the controller's buttons to something that GTA will recognize reasonably well -- you just might miss out on analog stick function, or poor//non-existant pressure-sensitivity on buttons that are "supposed" to have it.

ie: changing your controller through it's own software to send WASD controls for pushing the DPad, that kind of thing.
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