Do the PC GTA games have mods for completing story missions?

#1ianpwilliamsPosted 8/10/2014 7:58:25 AM
I've always been a massive fan of the GTA games (playing them on consoles), but I always end up getting stuck on a certain story mission, and eventually moving onto another game (apart from GTA III on PS2, which I actualyl managed to complete - loved that game). Thankfully with GTA V on the Xbox 360 I can skip missions after a certain number of attempts, and hopefully this will run right through to the end of the game, so I can just enjoy playing the game, rather than having the experience of only kind of enjoying it because in the back of my mind there will inevitably be a mission that I get stuck on.

Which leads to my question. I will eventually be buying an extremely powerful gaming PC, and abandoning consoles altogether (can't wait), and when I do, I would be very keen to play the GTA back catalogue right from the start. So taking into account the fact that PC games often have mods which enhance the graphics, gameplay, add new content etc, are there mods the for GTA games (ideally up to GTA IV), which allow you to automatically complete the current story mission?
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This trainer has a bunch of advanced options in it. Mission skipping I believe is one of them.
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Thanks I'll give that a look.