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Which version do you play and do you use Xliveless? (Archived)VideoGameWayne23/21/2014
Amazing deal on amazon.. (Archived)hazardous42413/2/2014
How to get this game working on Windows 8.1? (Archived)sega3109812/4/2014
main game and lcpdfr question. (Archived)youngjediscott112/17/2013
connection to windows live lost/ (Archived)Orumov8888112/16/2013
Cant get game to start (Archived)Lionheart159211/8/2013
Are there any mods to make driving closer to that of GTA V ?? and add planes!!! (Archived)HELLWOLF06111/4/2013
Last Encounters for Jeff, Eddie, and Marnie? (Archived)Olvidada111/1/2013
Pressing Y opens the chat box but then it closes straight away. (Archived)DENiiZEN110/27/2013
Do Video Games Cause People To Murder? (Archived)SRaff922310/24/2013
9/01 hosting mafia work 7:30est (Archived)iUnR3aLz510/18/2013
So... What are some good mods out there? (Archived)GuitarJozz110/12/2013
Can someone explain this... (Archived)gaming_yakuza110/12/2013
Savegame editing? (Spoilers) (Archived)galaxiadarkness310/9/2013
'Catch The Wave' is an awful, awful mission. (Archived)SlickRacerPrime210/6/2013
Controller (Archived)Cyrlous810/5/2013
I can't seem to enable Anti Aliasing also I need advice on tweaking lights (Archived)White Wolf Kiba69/28/2013
I cant's start up TLATD or TBOGT... details inside (Archived)Morrowind78919/27/2013
"It's Your Call" mission problem? (Archived)Skeet198329/2/2013
Do mods affect missions? (Archived)Startech_Viper39/1/2013
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