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7 years ago#1
Too much of the dialogue in this game is redundant and kind of circular.

For example an NPC might have one basic thing to tell you, but in the process of getting that out of him you might have to plow through like 8 different responses, many of which are basically saying the same thing.

Anyone else noticed this? It would take a seriously hardcore roleplayer not to just instaclick through most of the dialogue.

I would have to recreate one of the dialogues to really show you what I mean...just way too many pointless exchanges.

This same style kind of bleeds into the quests. A lot of the minor quests, for example in the swamp camp, all overlap with each other and I'm often not really clear which quest I'm working on at a given time. Or I'll do a quest not sure if I've technically been assigned it yet because I've already talked about it with someone without officially getting to the quest assignment dialogue option.
7 years ago#2
....maybe I'm just one of the "hardcore" role players that you mentioned...but I think most people actually like getting immersed in the story and the world...the kind of person that would click through dialogue is probably the same kind of person that ignores the stories in most games if given the chance. That is, a person that I don't take very seriously as an intelligent gamer.
7 years ago#3
i honestly just read the subtitles faster than they talk and click my choice even if they arent done speaking
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7 years ago#4
Lol steth..
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