Patty in trouble - spoiled quest?

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7 years ago#1
I need help to find Patty. The quest is called Patty in trouble, but it doesnt seem to be working. When I entered Don Estebans temple the guy called Balturo talked to me and told me to do something for his boss, and talk to Patty. I think I made a big mistake when I said no. He said that I would regret it, and now he wont talk to me anymore. And I cant find Patty anywhere. Can anyone help me please?
7 years ago#2

You know that key you looted off him? Well continue going up the hill to the ruins were you originally ran through. She is in the locked door and the key will open it.

I thought the same thing till I stumbled upon her while checking "close" locations. I didn't think they would allow her to die.
7 years ago#3

I think to OP talks about quest beginning. She is on the beach near secret tunnel exit then.

7 years ago#4
She'd be there if he took her out of town. Otherwise she's still at the tavern. But the OP quest refers to after the Legacy of a Pirate starts, so she should be at the cemetery near the bandit camp. If she's not there, she's already been kidnapped.
7 years ago#5
Thanks, but I havent gotten that far. I have helped her out of Harbour city, but nothing more.
7 years ago#6
Thanks! I will try that. After I told her about the tunnel she just ran off. I didnt think about going after her. Cant belive I didnt think about that :p
7 years ago#7
I'm sorry but I'm not used to this. This is my first entry in this forum. I was meaning to answer directly under each post... This is an ansver to RageGT: Thanks! I wil look for her at the cemetery if shes not outside the tunnel to Harbour City.
Glad to get help from you guys :)
7 years ago#8
She will be at the beach near the secret tunnel to Harbor Town. She will only go the cemetery after speaking to the nameless hero at the beach... =)
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