does anyone know how to get lu bu?

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8 years ago#1
is lu bu unlockable or is everyone available right away in the beginnig?

thats what i really want to know
Booya Baby!!!
8 years ago#2
Complete Sun Jians,Liu Beis,Cao Caos and Diao Chans musou modes.

But to get sun jian,liu bei and cao cao you have to complete 3 peoples musou in each of those forces annoying,diao chan gets unlocked after you complete I think one persons musou from each force.Its worth the time anyway=D
8 years ago#3
i definetly agree with u on the annoying part

i liked it better in DW5 where all u had to so was complete 1 mousou mode from each nation. tha made things a lot easier

i wish they would have mde zuo ci playable in this game though

that dissapoints me that he isnt in the game
Booya Baby!!!
8 years ago#4
Yeah I agree,instead of cutting players,they should have added more
8 years ago#5
i know they should have added like some of the cooler sub-generals from the last game dont you think?
Booya Baby!!!
8 years ago#6
Yup totally,in DW5 they added Cao Pi,Zuo Ci etc.It's like they were too lazy to make the other characters up.That was a huge letdown because when you release later games you don't cut the cast down,you simply add a bit more.It's funny how they made Zhang Liao into Pang De.2 for 1 I say
8 years ago#7
yeah its kinda wierd why they would do that

but hey you never know maybe they are just making the people excited and maybe they are going to have even more characters than DW5 in DW7?

i guess we will haveto find out later XD
Booya Baby!!!
8 years ago#8
Yeah but patience aint my thing lol and most if not all DW games would DW7 I wonder how far they can get by basically adding new gameplay with the same story,not that I dont mind it can go to DW20 for all I care=P
8 years ago#9
THAT WOULD BE EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Booya Baby!!!
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  3. does anyone know how to get lu bu?

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