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7 years ago#1

Hey everyone :D

I should have no problem defeating General Raze inside the headquarters in his fortress, but I can't figure out how! We're the same level, and I can punish him quite severely until he chickens out and takes refuge in a healing chamber. There are a few of these chambers, and I'm assuming I need to disable them somehow?

Has anyone fought and beat General Raze yet?

Thanks for the help!

7 years ago#2
There is a lever beside the chambers, pulling it I think disabled the chamber. I'm not sure though, I pulled the lever beside two of them, then as he was running for one of them I dropped him with a magic blast before he got to it, so I never actually got to see what happens when he tries to use them after you pull the lever.
7 years ago#3

Are the levers inside the chambers? I'm running around like crazy trying to find them!

7 years ago#4

Nevermind, I found the small levers on the ground outside of the healing pods. It's BS though because you have to turn the levers off several times.

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